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  Our systems allow us to duplicate logos on wood, marble, metal, coryon, glass and glassware. Your company can say thank you to new customers, show appreciation to employees and managers and give them a special "point in time" memory of your business that will last forever.  
Custom Engraving and Sand Etching

Striegel Acres is the home of L.I.F.E., which is what we call our engraving, sand-etching and electroplat-ing business. L.I.F.E. stands for Lasting Impressions For Everyone. This is significant because when something is designed, especially if it is personalized with names and dates, an heirloom is created.

The infertile eggs produced by the ostriches and emus are turned into beautiful works of art. We admired the engraved eggs at some of the National conventions and decided to invest the time and money into learning the art. The eggs became popular at first to other producers, engraved with their farm or ranch names on them. They soon became valuable as wedding and shower gifts with names and dates on them. We also engrave and sand etch on glass, metal, and wood, in addition to the eggs. Below are some examples of the work we have done. The possibilities are endless and they make wonderful gifts. Please contact us for more information.

Engraving with the Forever LetterThe Forever Letter is another example of the heirloom's that can be created. Write a letter to a loved one or find a cherished letter from the past. We will custom hand engrave these special words--in the original handwriting--on the crystal surface of a timeless vase, capturing the promises, thoughts, wishes, and dreams forever. Learn more.

Our Mission

To provide quality and unique, personalized engraving to mark memories and create impressions.

Personalized Engraving

Engraving done in part with a high speed tool allows for the flexibility of engraving on most surfaces, as well as being very mobile. Gifts, Thank Yous, Awards, Symbols of Recognition, Ornaments, Glassware, and Wine Bottles are all enhanced when they are personalized. . . even in
your own handwriting!

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Engraving & Etching
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