Striegel Acres' mission is to offer products that improve the quality of your life. Heart healthy emu and ostrich meats, amazing healing results with emu oil and family heirlooms with our Forever Letters and engraving capabilities.
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Emu Oil is recommended by doctors all over the world. The oil has been shown to thicken the skin making it a natural anti-aging agent. It also exhibits anti-inflammatory and significant wound healing activity. Striegel Acres offers a full product line which includes 100% oil, lotions, burn cream, body washes, face creams, lip balm, shampoo, conditioner and more.

Ostrich Meat & Information
The oil is not the only great product that we get from emu. The delicious red meat is what health conscious consumers all over the world are discovering. Ostrich meat is another low fat, low calorie red meat that is an excellent source of protein and iron. Many upscale restaurants are including ostrich and emu meat as a regular menu item and physicians are recommending it to their low fat diet patients. We offer a variety of cuts of emu and ostrich meat that can be used in your favorite recipes. Both are recognized by the American Heart Association as a lean, healthy alternative to other meats. Engraving & EtchingOstrich MeatEngraving on Ostrich & Emu EggsEmu Oil Emu Skin Care Products
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The ostrich and emu eggs can also be turned into beautiful works of art by engraving on them. We have several examples of what can be done with the eggs, the possibilities are endless. We also offer a unique item called the Forever Letter with our engraving and sand etching business.. We take a handwritten letter and engrave the letter in the original handwriting onto a beautiful crystal vase. What a wonderful wedding or shower gift. A unique way to tell someone how much they mean to you. You can learn more about the Forever Letter on our website.

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