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Striegel Acres’ mission is to offer products that improve the quality of your life. Heart-healthy ostrich meats, amazing healing oils, honey products, and engraved ostrich eggs that make great family heirlooms.

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The Healthy Red Meat

Ostrich meat is a wonderful healthy red meat with all of the flavor and texture of beef. It is rich in protein and high in iron yet is lower in fat, calories, and cholesterol than skinless chicken or turkey.

Ostrich meat is a low fat, low calorie red meat that is an excellent source of protein and iron. Many upscale restaurants are including ostrich meat as a regular menu item, and physicians are recommending it to their low-fat diet patients.

Striegel Acres offer a variety of ostrich meats that can be used in your favorite recipes. Ostrich meat is recognized by the American Heart Association as a lean, healthy alternative to other meats.

Ostrich Meat Fillets

The Healthy Red Meat

Ostrich Meatballs

The Striegel Acres Farm

Marion and Marj are excited about sharing information about the healthy properties of their Ostrich meats and local honey.

Marion and Marj Striegel established their Ostrich farm in 1993 shortly after getting married. Marion had experience in facilities and livestock while Marj was just ready for a change.

The low fat, low cholesterol, tasty red meat became important to Marion who was encouraged by a significant drop in his high cholesterol readings after a short time of including it in his diet.

Marj loves the products they sell. Ostrich meats, Ostrich oils, and bones as dog treats. Beehives were added more recently and products include local honey, beeswax, and raw honeycomb. 

Beehives at Streigel Acres
Local Honey at Striegel Acres
Ostrich Egg Size
Ostrich Farm

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